Who Are We


WendyFor 20 years Wendy has designed and project-managed to-the-studs heritage restorations and renovations, including disability adaptations and renewable-materials kitchens. She has consulted with over 400 investors and homeowners, been Architectural Review Board Chair for Fiddlers Marsh, Design Consultant for Waterfront Pointe II, consultant to the Trident Home Builders Association for Carol’s House and to Charleston County Council Consolidation Committee, and a member of the Circular Congregational Church Preservation & Maintenance Committee. She is a recipient of the Carolopolis Award for Historic Preservation and the Governor of Alabama’s Honorary Colonel award for exemplary rebuilding of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina.

In 2012 she was one of the first students to be awarded the Master of Project Leadership at the University of Sydney (USYD) Civil Engineering School. Her thesis research evaluated occupational health and safety risks and compliance models among non-profits. She has a Bachelors of Science in Communications from Stephens College and served several institutions as a program manager and communications specialist. She enjoys travel to family and friends, social justice volunteering and sailing. Through Elephant Insight she collaborates with leading builders, engineers, researchers and quantity surveyors to support the needs of clients in the government, private and non-profit sectors.


arashOriginally from Iran, Arash has a Masters of Architecture from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and over 8 years’ experience designing residential, healthcare and medical clinic projects for the public and private sectors. Experienced in concept design and design process, he is capable of working with 3D modelling and design software besides model-making and hand drawing. He is a member of Australian Institute of Architecture and Organization for Engineering Order of Building, Fars, Iran.

His major solo projects include designing Arsanjan General Hospital (150 Bed, 22000sqm), and redesigning Yasuj Maternity and Delivery Hospital (3500 sqm) and redesign and change function of Emergency Centre of Yasuj to Heart Centre (3000 sqm). In addition, he has worked on the residential design team for the Tomas Company, and was intern, draftsperson and Architecture Assistant in KZM Company and Assistant Architect at Health Projects International, Kizana Design Group. During his post-graduate education he researched environmental performance and sustainable design. Arash and his well-known artist wife enjoy travel, swimming and cooking with friends.