• With Wendy Hermance’s support with looking for investment properties I was able to find multiple tracts my husband and I found perfect for our needs. We were able to succeed by developing collaborations with her. She was eager to jump right in and develop ideas and investigate the possibilities. She is a very hard working individual. Her eagerness to succeed drives her to continue to find new ways to find that desired success for her and for her clients.
    Millibeth Currie, Program Director
    Women in Charge, Mount Pleasant
  • Wendy handled the assignment very professionally and accomplished the task within a short amount of time. When faced with challenges, I have seen Wendy work hard to find solutions.
    Johanna Evensen, ISW
  • I had the pleasure of working with Wendy Hermance for about 5 years as Broker in Charge to Century 21 Properties Plus. Out of about 150 agents, Wendy was consistently the top agent. Her professionalism, integrity, knowledge and overall sweet personality made her a positive and welcoming addition to our company. The other agents respected her and looked to her for advice.
    Teri A. Victor
    Insurance Division, Agent Owned Service Group, Inc
  • She has been active on a number of projects that have made a difference in our church. She has considerable experience to share.
    James Liphus Ward, College of Charleston
    Historic Preservation and Community Planning
  • I truly marvel at your ability to coordinate all this! Really do share your taste, hence my near blind allegiance to your suggestions!
    John Young, UNHCR, Brussels, Belgium
  • Wendy was WONDERFUL!! She never made us feel rushed, went above and beyond in the short time to find the best people to help us with everything. Thank you. Your company is very lucky to have her.
    Tony and Jessica Hinson, Mt. Pleasant
  • You very quickly understood our tastes.
    Angie Cormeny, Charleston National Country Club
  • She earned every penny of her commission!
    Gloria Wimmer, Sea Trails Plantation
  • We purchased an historic home that Wendy oversaw as a major renovation. We lived there until after our son was born, and then hired her to find us a new home in a good school district. It has been so perfect for us, we remain here 10 years later.
    Carol and Ken Huggins, Principal
    Ken Huggins Architects.LLC
  • I received the report today. It is great with lots of detail and things I could never have thought of. Thanks!
    Carol and Ken Huggins, Principal
    Ken Huggins Architects.LLC
  • Hi Wendy,Just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the excellent presentation last night. It was great in a lot a ways, but especially significant for some participants who were clearly outside of their comfort zone! The process really forces you to think critically, as well. Your patience was golden!
    Emily Phillips, Special Events Coordinator
    Charleston Development Academy Charter School
  • Really enjoyed the process - it appears that all the objections have risk and the same basic fear of being taken advantage of....
    Kathleen Rodgers, Executive Director
    YWCA Greater Charleston
  • Thank you so much for your time and patience Wednesday. I know working through an exercise like this is difficult and we really appreciate your efforts as well as Lance's energy and honesty
    Kerri Forrest, ‎Director of Institutional Advancement
    American College of the Building Arts
  • After working with Wendy on research relating to Work Health Safety Reform, I confidently endorse her for her commitment to accuracy, dedication to the task at hand, knowledge of the issues and contexts of charities and non-profits, and her concern for justice and community welfare.
    Stephen Webb
    Media Officer, Editor and Communications Manager
  • I worked with Wendy as her masters thesis supervisor at Sydney University. Her insights and knowledge of both not for profit organisations and advice on how to work within Australia's new Occupational Health & Safety workplace laws gave her thesis great relevance I recommend her as a consultant and project manager, especially for businesses in the not for profit areas
    Dr John Woollett
    Director,The Woollett Group
    Professor, University of New South Wales
    Adjunct Professor, University of Technology Sydney
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– Economist Intelligence Unit Limited. (2011). Too good to fail? New challenges for risk management in financial services.